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Provider User Registration

Attention first time users: To obtain your Provider user account Activation Code, please contact Customer Service or Provider Relations at one of the numbers listed below. Activation Codes may have multiple associated Providers. You only need to enter one NPI and Tax ID to access all providers associated with the code.

Enter your NPI, Tax ID, and the corresponding Activation Code below. Then click “Add Provider(s)” to begin your Portal Account registration. You may remove Providers from this list at this time, before continuing with the registration.

Add Providers to Your Account
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If you are a first-time user, you have misplaced your Activation Code, or your code has expired, please contact your Provider Relations representative or our customer service department.

Region Phone Number E-mail
Abilene 325-670-3882
Amarillo 806-467-3200
Lubbock 806-784-4380
Waco 806-784-4380
Other 806-784-4380
Customer Service 800-884-4901